Social Groups

Social Groups are strongly encouraged and supported by the Association. Such groups connect residents with common interests, including recreational, social, service, and cultural endeavors, while building community spirit and expanding horizons.
There is no formal affiliation or sponsorship between the Association and Social Groups. Rather, these Social Group Benefits - Guidelines and Rules (“Guidelines”) establish the procedures by which a Social Group can take advantage of: (1) the use of the Association’s meeting rooms without charge; and (2) use of the Association’s communications to inform owners of upcoming activities. Social Groups should encourage their members to fully participate and enjoy the diverse programs and facilities within Travisso that make life here so enjoyable and rewarding. To guarantee that all Social Groups are developed and executed successfully, all Social Groups are required to complete the Social Group form in order to receive the benefits offered. 

Current Travisso Groups

Social Groups are intended to be special interest Social Groups that are typically focused on recreational activities done in an informal setting. These Social Groups create opportunities to meet and grow in an organic nature.

Some current groups include:
Young at Heart (meets quarterly, for 55+, contact Cathy Martin)
Room 600 (contact Glen Hudson)
Book Club (meets the first Wednesday of the month from 3-5 pm in the Toscana room, check out the Facebook group)
Salaam Group (contact Sara Raja)
Desi Ladies Group (meets quarterly, contact Lakshmi Sampath)

Social Group Application Form

Have a great idea for a group that would bring more fun to Travisso? We are here for that! Social groups must be recreational in nature and open to all Travisso residents.
If you would like to start a club at Travisso, please use this form to provide information to the association. The application form will be given to the Board for assessment and approval.
Please complete this form and email it to the Lifestyle Director, Adrian Hernandez
The Association reserves the right to grant or reasonably deny a request for a social group. The Leader, as well as Social Group events, activities, programs, etc., should reflect the spirit and values of the Association at all times. The Association reserves the right to revoke its approval of a Social Group at any time, for reasons including but not limited to: failure to comply with these Guidelines, inactivity by the leader and/or lack of participation by members, Leader not being in good standing with the Association, unreasonable actions of the Leader, action arising from members concerns, etc. The Association reserves the right, without further approval or compensation, to include activities, photographs, etc. for marketing, promotional and educational purposes. THE ASSOCIATION’S SOLE PURPOSE IN RELATION TO SOCIAL GROUP APPLICATIONS IS TO DETERMINE WHETHER A SOCIAL GROUP MEETS THE CRITERIA STATED HEREIN. APPROVAL OF A SOCIAL GROUP APPLICATION SHALL NOT IN ANY WAY CONSTITUTE A SPONSORSHIP OR FORMAL AFFILIATION BETWEEN THE ASSOCIATION AND THE APPROVED SOCIAL GROUP. THE ASSOCIATION IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIVITIES OF ANY SOCIAL GROUP.