The “Master Assessment” is your HOA dues.  This is $900 per year, due bi-annually on January 1st and July 1st at $450 each. 
The “Community Enhancement Fee” is a closing fee we collect on every new sale and resale within the community.  This is based on .1% of the Sale Price of the home sold.  It is used to fund our Lifestyle events throughout the year and banked for future community enhancements or amenities. 
The “Working Capital” is charged at $900 per sale of every new or resale home in the community.  This is placed in a “Reserve” or “Capital” fund account for future use towards replacing or repairing amenities within the community.
These are all standard HOA fees within any community with an HOA and are part of the negotiation process when selling or buying a house.  They are part of the “Closing” fees, and who pays them is determined at the time of the closing.
All of these fees should have been explained by your realtor and the title company conducting the closing. These fees are identified in our governing documents, which should have been provided at your time of closing.  We also keep electronic copies on our community website under the Resource Library navigation tab.

Sign Up For Electronic Statements

If you want to go paperless and stop receiving your HOA dues statements in the mail, you can sign up to receive them electronically by e-mail instead! Just use this link to sign up for an electronic statement.

How to pay your HOA assessments

  • Credit Card - $14.95 Fee
  • Electronic Check - No Charge.
    • Remember to include your address and account number when paying online
  • To Send Payments by Mail to: Travisso Community Association PO BOX 533182 Atlanta, GA 30353-3182
    • Include your address and account number on the memo section of your check
  • To Pay in Person: Bring your check payment in person to the Travisso Palazzo Clubhouse, 2437 Travisso Pkwy. Leander, TX 78641. You can give your payment to the staff during business hours, or put your payment in an envelope with your name, address, and account number on the front and place in the drop box that is to the left of the front doors when you enter the Palazzo.
    • Include your address and account number on the memo section of the check
Amended and Restated Community Manual, Section 5: 5-J. Suspension of Use of Certain Facilities or Services. The Board may suspend the use of the Common Area amenities by an Owner, or his Occupant, whose account with the Association is delinquent for at least thirty (30) days.

Access Your Account Information Online

Visit our new web portal to view your account statement and be sure you are up to date on payment.
Sign in with the username and password on your paper account statement, mailed the month before your assessments are due.
Once logged in, you'll have access to:
  • Your association account balance
  • Links for online Payments and eStatement sign-up
  • Self-service billing address and account information changes
  • Community information
If you have questions about your account or the web portal, contact CCMC Customer Service at 833-301-4538