The “Master Assessment” is your HOA dues.  This is $900 per year, due bi-annually on January 1st and July 1st at $450 each. 
The “Community Enhancement Fee” is a closing fee we collect on every new sale and resale within the community.  This is based on .1% of the Sale Price of the home sold.  It is used to fund our Lifestyle events throughout the year and banked for future community enhancements or amenities. 
The “Working Capital” is charged at $900 per sale of every new or resale home in the community.  This is placed in a “Reserve” or “Capital” fund account for future use towards replacing or repairing amenities within the community.
These are all standard HOA fees within any community with an HOA and are part of the negotiation process when selling or buying a house.  They are part of the “Closing” fees, and who pays them is determined at the time of the closing.
All of these fees should have been explained by your realtor and the title company conducting the closing. These fees are identified in our governing documents, which should have been provided at your time of closing.  We also keep electronic copies on our community website under the Resource Library navigation tab.

Sign Up For Electronic Statements

If you want to go paperless and stop receiving your HOA dues statements in the mail, you can sign up to receive them electronically by e-mail instead! Just use this link to sign up for an electronic statement.

How to pay your HOA assessments

At CCMC, we are constantly striving to provide important services to you. We are continuing to make available paper checks, direct debit, electronic checks, and credit card options for ease in assessment payments.
Set Up Recurring/Debit/Credit Options 
Recurring Electronic Check Payments 
You may have your assessments automatically deducted from your checking account.  This service is FREE.       
1. Go to: and click on “Payments”, then on the map, click on TX (all Texas Community Payments)
Go to: New Users and click on “Setup Account” which will guide you through the process of setting up an account to retain payment history and schedule payments
You will be prompted to enter: 
Management Company ID: 6675
Association ID: 6XH
Association ID/Property Account Number: (This is your personal 6-digit account number)
Set Up One-Time Electronic Check Payments
If you wish to set up a one-time payment, the charge is $2.95 per transaction.
Go to: and click on “Payments”, then on the map, click on TX (all Texas Community Payments).  
Click on eCheck or Debit/Credit Card
Enter your personal information: First/Last Name, Email Address
Management Company ID: 6675
You will be prompted to enter your Association ID: 6XH
Property Account Number: (This is your personal 6-digit account number)
One-Time Payment with Credit/Debit Cards 
If you wish to set up a one-time debit/credit payment, there is a service fee of 3.5%, and a debit card flat fee of $5.00 charged by the bank per transaction
Follow steps 1-3 above for “Recurring Electronic Check Payments”
Choose: One-Time Payment with Credit/Debit Cards
Mail Check or Pay at Amenity Center
1. Include your payment coupon with your check in the provided windowed envelope.  If you are paying for multiple properties, please send a separate coupon and check for each property to ensure timely and accurate posting to the accounts
Mail to: Travisso Community, Inc. 
c/o CCMC Processing Center 
PO Box 93327
Las Vegas, NV 89193-3327
2. Or – Pay at Amenity Center: if you wish to bring your check to the amenity center, we are here M-F, 9am-5 pm.
There is also a payment drop box just to the left on the wall as you walk in for after-hours payment
Amended and Restated Community Manual, Section 5: 5-J. Suspension of Use of Certain Facilities or Services. The Board may suspend the use of the Common Area amenities by an Owner, or his Occupant, whose account with the Association is delinquent for at least thirty (30) days.

Late Fees

2023 HOA Assessments 
Travisso Community homeowners pay semi-annually HOA Assessments
$900 yearly | $450 due semi-annually:
•    January 1st 
•    July 1st 
*Assessments paid after the month in which they are due will be considered late and subject to fees that are applied monthly as long as you carry an unpaid balance. This can add up quickly and our Board of Directors does not let us waive late fees.
A late fee consists of the following:
$25.00 delinquency fee
$25.00 administration fee
$6.50 interest fee (approximate)
$56.50 total late fee (applied monthly if there is an unpaid balance)
Homeowners are strongly encouraged to set up a recurring payment option as outlined in the button above. 

Access Your Account Information Online

Visit our new web portal to view your account statement and be sure you are up to date on payment.
Sign in with the username and password on your paper account statement, mailed the month before your assessments are due.
Once logged in, you'll have access to:
  • Your association account balance
  • Links for online Payments and eStatement sign-up
  • Self-service billing address and account information changes
  • Community information
If you have questions about your account or the web portal, contact CCMC Customer Service at 833-301-4538