Emergency Evacuation Plan

Travisso Emergency Plan
In the event of a community emergency, such as a wildfire, the Leander Police Department and the Leander Fire Department will go through the community with loudspeakers asking residents to evacuate their homes and leave the community. The community management is at the same mercy as residents in learning about emergencies and does not receive advance notice or warnings from emergency services regarding community emergencies. As soon as we are alerted to the dangers to the community, we will send out information or instructions through our emergency text system and our community newsletters.
Please sign up to receive newsletters and emergency texts from us so you may receive pertinent information promptly. Register for an account right here on our website and be sure to include a mobile number you would like to receive Travisso's emergency texts. To sign up for community newsletters, please email Adrian and request to be added.
We suggest registering for Warn Central Texas emergency notification system. The City of Leander uses the Warn Central Texas notification system to send emergency notifications. The platform allows the City to communicate with residents and businesses by sending telephone calls, text messages, and emails to inform residents of emergencies and effectively protect life and property.
Community evacuation routes utilize Travisso Parkway to 1431 (red route) and Osage to the Crystal Falls neighborhood (blue route). Should there be an issue accessing either route, please proceed to the other route or follow directions from onsite emergency services. We suggest becoming familiar with your personal route out of Travisso and how to access evacuation routes now, so you know where to go in the event of an emergency.