Local Information

New to Leander or the surrounding area? This page is for you! Below you will find information on our local utilities, schools, and more! 

Local School Information

The Leander Independent School District has a great website with lots of information for anyone sending their children to public school. Check out the LISD site!
Thinking you need a private education for your kiddos? Check out Sterling Classical School, which sits adjacent to Travisso and has school access right off of Travisso Parkway. Check out Sterling!

Who to contact?

Have a question or issue with your:
Water - Contact the Leander Utilities district at 512-259-1142. For after-Hours Water Emergencies please call 512-690-4760
Electric - Contact PEC at 512-331-8883
Gas - Contact Atmos Energy at 888-286-6700
Trash - Contact ACDI at 512-259-1709
Animal Control - Leander Animal Services at 512-528-2800 x1
Roads - Most of the roads in the Travisso community are public and managed by the City of Leander. You can contact them at 512-259-2640
Community irrigation - Contact the Leander Water department at 512-259-2640
Common area emergency - Call our after-hours emergency number: 800-274-3165

After Hours Emergency Number

If you see an after-hours emergency at the Palazzo or on common areas in the community, please report it to 800-274-3165. The after-hours phone is by "Answer 1 Communications". This number should be used for emergencies such as a broken window, irrigation leak, property damage, etc. that occur at the Palazzo Clubhouse or Travisso Amenities.
Welcome to Travisso, we're so glad you're here!